Ball Python Type

Hello how is everyone I am new to the ball python world can someone tell me what type of ball python do I have and can I start breeding with two snakes I know they have to be adults


Hi @cheese21218, welcome to the forum.
I hope to see your collection grow and I’m sure it will, these guys are addictive :joy:

It seems to me like you have a Normal/Wild Type Ball Python… basically how they look in nature 99% of the time. Not that that is anything bad, I actually think it’s nicer than a lot of genetic morphs (visual “types”).

To start breeding, technically all you need is a adult male and adult female.

However if you would like to start getting into morphs then I would recommend spending some time on here and doing research on what it is you like and how to go about it. It’s not as simple as breeding a funky snake to a orange snake and getting funky-orange snakes.

The #breeding tag will take you to a list of topics about breeding that will help.

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Appreciate you

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