Ball Python weight concerns

Good evening, MM-ers

I have a quick question about the weight of my ball python. He was a rescue so I don’t know exactly how old he is. With what little info I got about him initially I’d put him at around 8 months old. He is a rotund little guy to put it politely. We keep exclusively colubrids so I just want to make sure his weight and age add up. 8 months old tipping the scales at 190 grams. Does that math work out?

Thanks in advance!

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I guess we kept exclusively colubrids before this guy. I’ve had him for 6ish months and he has been a strong Easter the entire 6 months.

Ball pythons are heavy bodied animals, and so what’s considered a healthy weight/body condition is a lot different.

Pictures would really help with determining if his body condition is good or not!

While there can be significant variation between sizes of ball pythons at that age, I would say 190g is definitely too small. Most of mine are between 300-500g at that age


Thank you. I will post some pics when I can. I just fed him and thought about this post after the fact. I opened the tank to try to get a pic and he clearly wanted more food so I let him be. I’ll post a pic in a day or two.

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I would also agree with @chesterhf on him being rather small for that age.

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At roughly 8 months old and given if he was a consistent eater, he should weigh about double that.
But if he looks healthy, no loose skin or visible ribs/spine, I wouldn’t be to concerned.
You could always offer him food every 5 days and if he accepts food that often, he should bulk up in no time.


That sounds on the small size. Pictures would help for sure. But every snake is different I wouldn’t be alarmed as long as they appear healthy,are eating, and having normal bm.


This is my boy, Scooter. Sorry it took so long to get pics. Holiday rush and all. These 2 pictures were taken this evening right before feeding. He tipped the scales at 186.5g so a little lighter than his last feeding. He sucked down a 30g large f/t mouse. He has been a consistent eatter for me. Never skipped a meal, not even during a shed.

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His weight and body structure looks good to me! Looks perfectly healthy! I would switch over to rats if you can. They will put weight on him faster!


Looks good to me not over/under weight.

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