Ball python what morph is this?

I think this letter pastel ?


I mean lesser

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What was the pairing?

Butter enchi and a pewter lesser

Well it’s either butter or lesser. Hard to tell apart.
But yes pastel lesser/butter I’d say.

Cheers mate

It cant be pastel if pastel wasnt in the mix, so unless the parents genetics are missIDed, id say against that guess. Then again, now adays pastel is just everywhere so may not have been IDed

Pewter is a combo name. Part of that combo is pastel. So I would agree that pastel is a possibility. My guess is lesser pastel overall, possibly just lesser. A bit difficult to gauge on the lone photo.

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Pewter is pastel cinnamon :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


One day ill get this down xD thanks for the correction! I thought pewter was its own thing, the more you know :slight_smile:


Butter and lesser are the same mutation if I am correct. Just different lines. Like banana and coral glow.


Yeah that’s why I said you can’t tell them apart so when selling it would be
‘Pastel butter/lesser’ :grin:

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