Ball python with Upper Respiratory infection can’t be seen until Monday night

So I have a ball python who is mouth gaping, has a small amount of bubbles in the mouth and I can slightly hear breathing raspy… it is now Thursday and the next available appointment the only exotic vet near me has is Monday night. How do I go about keeping her healthy until then?

You need an EMERGENCY appointment.
You can’t wait as this is something that kills many royals and I’ve seen a lot of people this year loose many as it’s passed on and wiped them all out.

Have you got other royals? If so keep her far away. And wash your hands and check them all.

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I only have 1 other, I placed it in a different room… not sure what to do as I literally don’t have a different vet here that sees reptiles

Keep it isolated, keep it dry. You can run the enclosure a little warmer than normal to help it keep it’s body temp stable. If an ER visit is possible of course that’s ideal, but I live in an area where there are no ER vets so I know where you’re coming from.

If a few days matters you probably didn’t stand a chance to begin with.

Snake should be tested for Serpento Virus and Paramyxovirus. Before treatment they should perform a bacteria culture to ensure they’re using the proper antibiotic. It’s possible for a snake to be infected with a virus that’s causing a secondary bacterial infection so make sure you test for everything. Nido Test kits can be purchased from Fish Head Diagnostics. You’ll have to look around for paramyxovirus tests if you want to test for that assuming the vet doesn’t have a lab that performs them.


Any update on this snake?

Hi there, unfortunately I wasn’t able to find any vets that could see her within 6 hours of me, and she didn’t make it until the following Monday.

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I’m so sorry for your loss.

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Don’t blame yourself. If she was that bad off, I doubt even an emergency appointment would have saved her. It takes too long for medication to really kick in on snakes.