Ball pythons climbing?

Ok… I saw a post on here highlighting a video where a YouTube channel stated that ball pythons are semi arboreal!!!

This is actually true… For males during growth stages and breeding seasons… MALES!!!

I started to watch the video with an open mind and the papers that the YouTube channel was using to make their points I have also read and there is a lot more in those papers than the channel disclosed.

The papers were not up-to-date and gives an account of the species in the wild, not captivity.

I left the channel a very positive comment and I believed after watching the video that the channel was just trying to educate… But then I watched it again and quickly realised that he was, in parts of the video attacking breeders by saying phrases like ‘ramming a rodent down its mouth’.

when you listen to the commentator it sounds like he has an issue with breeders. :man_shrugging:t3:

So I decided to watch a few more of his videos.

He did a video on ‘feeding a Mexican black kingsnake a ball python’ … Then I quickly realised that he was not educating reptile keepers but in fact using titles of his videos to attract viewers and to try to build a platform.

Mexican black kingsnakes and ball pythons on nowhere near each other in the wild so a Mexican black kingsnake would not be eating a ball python and in his video about all pythons been semi arboreal he seems to attack breeders for wanting to feed their ball pythons rodents as he claims that the papers that he used as evidence suggest that males would also eat small birds and baby birds as part of their natural diet…:thinking:

eating small birds I can agree on, but why talk about natural diets if your feeding your king on ball pythons???

Channels and videos like this I believe are made to spark a debate, to which the video will get a high number of views and the channel will gain subscribers… It’s not about educating the community nor educating new keepers. It’s about numbers!!!

I have been a keeper of ball pythons for over 15 years including keeping them in Viv’s and I have the data, for keeping in captivity and I know what works for me and most importantly what’s best for the snakes health… Happy ball pythons = feeding ball pythons… Feeding ball pythons = breeding ball pythons :+1:t3:

we as a reptile community have more success in captive breeding than any zoo in the world.

I would like to close this article with this paragraph…

We must use all sources available to us to help improve where needed our understanding of animals and not take anything as proof unless we have tried every aspect of keeping and breeding of a species.

Everything I put out on my channel is my own own data from over the years of keeping and breeding ball pythons in captivity.

Thank you for reading and have a great day


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