Ball pythons hatchlings born with white speckling on the dorsal?

Hi! These are my first babies of the year and I just wanted to ask the community if they had seen anything like this before? 3/5 of my hatchlings from a Normal x Leo Lesser Clown, clutch have white speckling down their dorsal, almost like someone had taken a paint brush and dabbed it on them.

During incubation we did have some temperature malfunctions, but thankfully none of them hatched with any abnormalities aside from these white markers. They haven’t shed yet so I’m unsure if they will keep these speckles after their first shed but just wanted to make a post about it none the less!


Interesting. I haven’t seen it before in any of my hatchlings. I would be interested to know if they stay after shed also


I have seen this several times and it usually comes off with the first shed. I am not sure of the cause though. How did the eggs look?


Its really not uncommon i usually get it on some of my hatchlings every year. Had some on my last clutch. It come off when they shed.


This don’t exactly look like loose scales about to come off…could this perhaps be some of the left over fluid from the egg? Never seen this before in the small number of animals I have produced


I was also thinking it was fluid or other matter from the egg. It would make sense that it would come off with the shed as it is residue. The pictures even look like they’re on top of the scales and not part of the scale patterns.


It will shed out happens frequently.