Ball Pythons in Florida - Opinions, please!

With Florida recently passing the newest laws banning certain species, and severely limiting others, what is the general opinion on where the laws are headed for BPs in Florida?

Anyone in the know with particular insight? To buy into the various groups and chats, they would have you believe it’s doomsday for FL and BPs.

Fire your opinions away. I’m interested.


Invasive species have been destroying the ecosystems down in Florida for years. I think they will ban any species that can survive in the wild eventually.

Snakes are such easy targets. There’s feral pigs and monkeys in North Florida where BPs wouldn’t survive, yet they are the targeted ones it seems like. No farmer or zoo is worried about having their hogs or monkeys banned.

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I used to live in Jacksonville! Was quite a few years ago but I believe you can shoot feral pigs on site. This would be there effort to fix the problem there. I truly hope they don’t take keepers rights away in Florida. Unfortunately that is the instance everyone points to when they talk about invasive species.

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Yeah, we’ll see how it goes… at the moment, not too much I can do about it. Jacksonville was my long time home. I am moving back there TOMORROW!

You can shoot the pigs, I’m not sure the stance on the monkeys…

I’ll keep folks posted on this and what I see on the ground there.