Ball pythons in tubs

So I have these 30x18x6 inch tubs, do you think those are tall enough to be breeding ball pythons in?


That’s a pretty standard tub size. I prefer larger, myself, but many successful breeders use tubs that size.


If you have them in just during breeding, you will be good. You could use them for a single snake long term.


I think if you are questioning whether or not they are big enough then err on the side of caution and go bigger. We can do much better than the FB40 that seems to have become the industry standard, or even the previous go-to, the CB70.
Aim for better standards and you will be rewarded with more content animals and a greater sense of pride knowing you are doing the best you can.


they are a fine size i personally use 64ltr rub’s for my adults ,gives them room to stretch horizontally and vertically ,thats just me though regards Tony

Do you think that when a female lays she will have enough height?

FB40’s are (L) 33.5″ x (W) 13″ x (H) 5.3″

These are proven to work very well for small adult females. I’ve produced a number of clutches in this size tub.

FB70’s are (L) 33.5″ x (W) 17.5″ x (H) 5.3″

These are great for pretty much all full size adult female ball pythons. Your tubs are close to this size and perfect for breeding/keeping.

Given your tub size is .7" taller than the industry standard FB40 and FB70 tubs it’s clear you’ll have plenty of height.

With ball pythons in particular bigger is not always better. In fact many keepers find when they move them up to larger sized tubs they stop feeding. Moving ball pythons down a tub size often stimulates problem feeders back into a routine feeding schedule.


I am very small scale and have a mix of bioactive enclosures and tubs. Personally, I watch the activity and stress level of the animal to choose the appropriate housing. For example, I have one girl who went into a bioactive because she LOVES to climb (even after a meal!) and hurt her nose in the tubs. Another guy prefers being a pretty rock so he hangs in a tub. I agree with others that your tubs sound like a good overall size.