Bamboo clutch ID help

So this is what I got. Pairing is (super) enchi pinstripe ultramel x Bamboo GHI 66%het ultramel (didn’t prove out). I think dad is only enchi, not super because I got one GHI.


I can’t help with ID but I know parent pics are always helpful. Amazing clutch @halina !


This is a tough one! I think you have to be right about the dad being just Enchi not super. Here is my best guesses, that’s all they are.
1 pin, bamboo, Enchi
2 bamboo, ghi
3 ghi
4 pin, Enchi, bamboo
5 pin, bamboo, ghi, Enchi
6 bamboo, ghi
7 bamboo, Enchi, pin, ghi
8 bamboo, Enchi
9 pin, bamboo, Enchi
10 pin, ghi, bamboo, Enchi