Bamboo Combos. What do you see?

Hi everyone. I have been blessed with a lot of bamboo combos this year. But I keep doing this to myself where I have so many genes that some are hard to determine. Pairing on this clutch was Bamboo BP Pin YB to Pastel Enchi. These 2 are almost identical, but slightly different. Not sure if they are just variations of the same combo or one gene different. YB can also be so tough to ID in bamboo combos (at least for me). Thanks for any help.




1st one looks bamboo bp yb to me
2nd looks bamboo black pewter poss yb

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I am thinking they are both bamboo black pewter. They are so close. Enchi on number 1 and YB on both is a question for me. 1 doesn’t stand out enchi to me, but his pattern is so much more condensed than #2 and the side pattern definitely extends a lot lower also.