Bamboo Harlequin Spider

Her name is “Lemon Drizzle”


Wow. Very nice! Is that a lighting effect or is the subject really that gold colored? Great capture on the eyes, btw. Macro can be so hard to get just right with the depth of field being so shallow. You are very good.

Nope she is gold. No lighting effect at all.
This isn’t really what I class as “macro” for me. Here are a few of my macro shots


Wow those are really close! I’ve gotten some shots of coral underwater that close, but how do you get live land animals to hold still long enough for you to get that shot? Those look awesome! Though the tarantula is setting off my inner “kill it with fire!!” Shrieking monkey brain voice… Beautiful picture, absolutely terrifying…


wow underwater must be AMAAAZING
In all truth practice and studying and knowing the animal. I have been practicing daily if I can for the last 12 years. Whoops sorry about the arachnophobia trigger

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Amazing photos!

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The picture of the fly just makes me want to get better at macro!

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ME TOO!!! I need more practice!
I have done a bit of retail therapy today for some new gear

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thank you kindly

Underwater is cool. Can be tough, it’s hard to estimate distance and the colors are different than you think because of the way the water absorbs light, but the subjects are very different.

Not really arachnophobia, just don’t care for 'em up close.
Spider, hmm
Giant spider, hmmmmm
Giant hairy spider, nope
Got bit by a tarantula down in central America about 30 years ago, my elbow swelled up like a grapefruit, I swear sometimes it still aches. Did you know they shed their fangs in you sometimes? Did you know they taste like crab? Good times…


It would be awesome. I would still worry about my beloved cameras near water despite the waterproof housing lol

Ahh get ya. I have the same fear of children lol :wink:
Did you know they taste like…haha

Yes fangs can be damaged or lost bu will be replaced once they moult.

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Won’t be replacing that one…
Somewhere, I probably still have it in a box who knows where, as I pulled it out of my elbow and kept it…

The waterproof housings worked pretty good as long as you got your seals right. The problem was you didn’t want to open them on the boat if possible. So you loaded a single roll of film for the whole dive. Then, every shot you were thinking “Do I spend one here? Did I get it? Do I have to spend another frame?”

Some subjects would disappear after one shot (had to use a flash for everything), others were worth multiple frames, some were so fast you just hoped you got them (reef squid).

You couldn’t change lenses, so before the dive you had to decide area, close up, macro etc. Was terribly frustrating to set for macro and watch a school of Eagle Rays just drift right up and circle you…

Haven’t been diving in years, at least with digital, you could take more pictures. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: