Bamboo Morph Identification Help

Parents: Woma (Snowgyre Reptiles) x Bamboo Enchi (Bob Vu)

Dad (perhaps more than Bamboo Enchi?):


Bamboo 1: (This one I believe to be a Bamboo Woma):

Bamboo 2:

Bamboo 3:

Bamboo 4 (just bamboo?):

Thanks in advance for the help!


I don’t think you have any genes hidden at play here. I put my guesses down below :s

  1. Bamboo Enchi
  2. Bamboo Woma
  3. Bamboo Woma Enchi
  4. Bamboo

All I can say is the babies are all beautiful!! :relaxed:

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Head is really light on the male, maybe something as simple as Pastel? Babies 3 & 4 both look like they inherited whatever it is.

Bamboo colors change so much as they grow too. So keep recording the changes as best you can.

Also, were there more in the clutch? Seeing some more babies without bamboo might help too.


Pretty sure dad has pastel. It would explain the washing out in the head of baby three, and the extra brightness he has. Baby one is the only one out of these that I’m pretty certain has Enchi. Enchi can create a butterfly headstamp.

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Our guess was Pastel as well. Thanks for the feedback!

The only other one in the clutch was this Girl.