Banan is now a man!

My banana yellowbelly male, Banan, has successfully locked with my pastel het axanthic VPI female!
I was going to pair her to my male Oreo (spider axanthic VPI) but he’s not quite big or old enough I don’t think. At least, I didn’t see them lock at all.

Pretty excited to see how this goes, hopefully Banan will keep eating for me like he has been. He’s only 520 grams!


The size difference is incredible, congratulations!

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It is! He did take a meal for me even after being in there for 24 hours, and I’ve paired him with Ava a second time and she even started tail wagging/dragging herself around to scent her tub. It was quite the spectacle! He locked with her again for over 24 hours, and he’ll be offered a meal this coming weekend.
Super excited!


Yaaayy, nothing more excited or rewarding! Im excited for you. Keep us posted!


Wow congrats! It’s pretty funny how different in size they are. How much does the female weigh?

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Last I weighed her she was a touch over 2000 grams!