Banana Black Pewter Butter x Pinstripe ID assistance :)

Hi all, I recently hatched out a clutch. The sire is a Banana Black Pastel Pastel Butter (het pied/DG) and the dam is a straight pinstripe. Can anyone offer me some help in ID’ing the babies please? Thanks for any replies,


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Preliminary ID’s are:-

1 - Butter Pin
2 - Butter Black Pastel Pin
3 - Butter Black Pastel Pastel Pin
4 -
5 -
6 -
7 - Butter Pastel?
8 -

I’m not seeing Banana in the babies … maybe in hatchling 4?


Four and five and possibly 6 look banana to me can you get better pictures on a solid background not holding them. Would help greatly to identify your clutch. And is your male a male maker or female maker sexing the snakes will help with identification. And definitely need better pictures on 3 can’t really see the pattern that well think that may be banana as well probably the full stack.


Thank you for your help. I’ve probed all 8 and taken some better pictures. I’ve numbered and sexed the pictures. The male is a first time sire and I’ve no idea if he came from a male or female maker sorry.

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  1. Butter Pin
  2. BlkPastel Butter Pin
  3. BlkPewter Butter Pin
  4. Banana BlkPewter Butter
  5. Banana BlkPewter
  6. Banana Butter Pastel
  7. Butter Pastel
  8. Butter Pastel Pin

Absolutely wonderful, thank you so much!


I would agree with Travis’s id’s