Banana Enchi X Cinnamon Identification

Hello everyone! This is my first banana clutch and I’m having trouble identifying them, the pairing was a Banana Enchi to a Cinnamon. I can add any extra necessary pictures, just didn’t want to make the post super long. Thank you in advance!

#1 Banana Enchi?

#2 Banana Cinnamon Enchi?

#3 Banana?

#4 Banana Cinnamon?

#7 Cinnamon Enchi




Lovely babies :heart_eyes:

  1. Banana Cinnamon Enchi

  2. Banana Cinnamon

  3. Banana Cinnamon

  4. Banana Cinnamon maybe Enchi

  5. Cinnamon

These are just guesses.


Never worry about a thread being too long, the longer the better (As long as you use paragraphs and it’s not a wall of text :joy:). The more information you share, the more information there is for future users to find.

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I don’t see Banana Enchi Cinny.

Really? To my eyes (obviously yours are a lot more trained to IDing) I can see all 3 genes at play in that first animal.

The Banana colour alien heads, the blank Enchi pattern and the Cinnamon colouration In-between.

I’m not saying I’m right, just what I can see.

Cinny Enchi banana is very very bright with deep redish-orange over color. Even without Banana they are very Orange.


Banana cinnamon is also generally pretty orange on the sides. I don’t see any banana cinnamon or banana enchi cinnamon. Maybe some bananas and some banana enchi but the lighting in the pictures is a bit dark, so it is hard to tell.

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The enchi adds more towards color with the banana/cin than pattern? I don’t see much pattern disruption.

I am thinking the enchi in the sire isn’t very high quality, I have cinnamon offspring from the Dam and can tell that #7 is a lot brighter and more orange than my last cinnamons. Does the elongated alien eyes not indicate cinnamon? That’s just what I have noticed in most. They are very orange in person, I just bought this lightbox but I don’t think it is working the best. I will take some pictures in daylight tomorrow and add them to see if they come out better. I haven’t hatched out bananas before so i’m not sure what a normal bananas usual purples are like. Here are some more pictures with my last lightbox (that also sucked). If anyone has any lightbox recommendations please let me know! Thank you so much for responding!

From Markus Jayne. I had a pic of a banana Cinny but can’t find it.

Here is a good example of a banana cinnamon;