Banana Female maker

I have a male Banana pastel pinstripe. He has fathered 5 clutches (35eggs) and out of that I produced 4 female banana combos. Here’s the weird part. Everything that hasn’t had the banana gene is female. Yet out of the 15 banana combos I produced 4 were female. So would you consider him a female maker?

Yes making even one female banana makes him a female maker.

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@jones810975 That’s very incorrect to my understanding

But I can’t explain at all why the OP has seen almost 25% of the bananas produced turn out to be females. Any clutches even possibly fathered by another male?

Sounds like he SHOULD be a male maker. But from what I’ve been told the odds on him producing even a single female banana would be sub 3%…so hitting on 4 of them out of 15 bananas produce that’s almost impossible.


I can’t tell you why, but I’ve had something almost opposite happen with my banana male maker male. So I would love to see theories.
He’s only sired 3 clutches for me.

1st clutch - 6 hatchlings. 1 banana male, two non banana males, 3 non banana females.

2nd clutch - 10 hatchlings. 2 banana males, all others females! (Like it is supposed to be)

3rd Clutch - 6 hatchlings - 4 banana males, two non banana males. All male clutch

That’s why I’m baffled. He’s the only banana breeder I have. Now I’m wondering if it has something to do with my incubation. I incubate at 87° and things usually hatch at 65-70 days.

I’d say he’s probably a male maker, you just struck out some really insane odds with the few female banana combos. I don’t think there’s anything crazy going on here.

Temperature does not affect the sex ratio of ball pythons, it’s all determined by the male passing on either an X or Y chromosome to the offspring.
The banana mutation can rarely cross over to the other chromosome, which is most likely how you ended up with female bananas from a male maker… this can also happen with male bananas coming from female makers.

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@thecrawdfather is correct.
That would be classified as a male maker Banana.
If it was a female maker the OP wouldn’t have only hit on 4 females.
Even male makers can produce females and vise versa, but hitting 4 out of 15 is insane odds. Not impossible just crazy luck.

That’s the tell tale sign right there that he is indeed a male maker Banana.
And also like @trnreptiles mentioned, incubation temperature has nothing to do with the sex ratio in my understanding as well.


Well I guess I’ll just be grateful for my crazy odds. Thanks to everyone for the input.