Banana Ghost gene

The Ghost Banana combo, do black specs pop into the pattern for this combo? I ask because the ghost is hypo which reduces or removes black.

So far google labels a Ghost Banana that has black scale specs throughout.

Hypo reduced black but does not remove it. So the freckling that Bananas develop will not be abolished by the presence of Hypo, they will just be lighter


I have produce many hypo banana and hypo cg and there are less of them, the color is also muted to a gray.


Could you provide some pictures so I can reference it

I would be curious to see pictures of adult ghost bananas. I don’t think Google has any adult pictures. I can’t even tell the difference between a regular and ghost banana hatchling unless they are side by side.

I never held back just a hypo banana or CG so the only reference I have are multi genes animal Hypo CG Enchi Leopard, Hypo CG Lesser Leopard, Hypo CG Calico Pinstripe.

But here is a comparison between Hypo Banana Enchi Leopard and Banana Enchi Leopard. (Only combo for which I did Hypo and non Hypo version)


Wow the yellow is intense

Sooooo not as much grey boarders as I thought would be there. So…I’m trying to determine if these two snakes present the ghost gene.

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Or better yet how about this one…any ghost?


The top is Ghost? The pictures looks a little washed out so I’m not sure, but the black dots look more gray.

Can you tell from the shed? Something about them shedding clear means they’re a ghost?

First definitely not a ghost, second is tricky because of the lesser gene which washes off spots as well making hypo banana lesser and banana lesser a little harder to ID but I would say Hypo is present in that animal, and third you will have to wait, you cannot tell Hypo banana and banana apart when they are young until they start showing spots or unless you did ghost to ghost pairing.

Depending on the individual spots show at about 150/200 grams. Anecdotally some Hypo Bananas were sold as Banana Het Hypos when they first appeared on the market because breeders often don’t want to wait for animals to show spots to start selling their animals.

The top is Ghost? The pictures looks a little washed out so I’m not sure, but the black dots look more gray.

Correct less spots (which Enchi contributes to as well) and grey not black.

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So you think the pied is also ghost and the lesser is hard to tell until he ages.

The bottom one sold as a regular banana

Here more pictures

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I said

Pied definitely not

Second most likely but one that is always hard to tell because of genes involved.

Third impossible to tell until it grows up to the point spots start showing.


Thank you very much, very helpful. Of course I’ll be breeding them in the future so it’ll be fun no matter what.

Thanks again


Outstanding combo, It will not remove black spots however.



What I believe to be a banana Mojave hypo clown.
He has one freckle and it’s almost unnoticeable. It’s a faint grey