Banana pastave x enchi pastel yellowbelly

Banana pastave x enchi pastel yellowbelly clutch… no nanas, but some ruddy good looking babies. Lo


Nice clutch there. :slight_smile: What was the gender ratio?

All females :blush::joy:… which didn’t make holdback choices easy.:joy:

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Banana clutches sure are funny that way!

Sure are, but to say I’m happy with the clutch is a bit of an understatement. :+1: especially with the super pastel Mojave yellowbelly enchi… :exploding_head:… happy days :ok_hand:

That’s the pro of using a male maker banana honestly - anything non banana is guaranteed female. Beautiful babies :+1:

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@royalross I’ll take all of them from off your hand! Just playing just playing. They’re good looking tho! Congratulations :balloon:

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All gorgeous! Well done.

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Absolutely :ok_hand:
I was just surprised at hitting so many multi gene combos, especially so many with yb :ok_hand:… very happy with them.
Cheers :+1:

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Thankyou… very happy with them.:blush::+1: