Banana piebald with blue eyes? Will he pass it down?

Hello, I recently got a banana piebald and noticed his eyes are blue. Is this usual for them?

I have never seen a banana with blue eyes before. Not this light and prominent.

Is it possible he’ll pass them down to his offspring? I’m planning to breed him to a pie girl this spring. Or is it most likely her brown eyes will take dominance in the babies?


That is not blue, it is a weird agate green that some Bananas get when in combination with other genes. Any Banana offspring from him may get the colour if they also end up with the other combo genes


Can piebald do that? He’s only pie and coral glow, no other genes in the mix.

(Accidentally wrote banana, he is cg, but same thing)


There may be no other identifiable, phonotypical, traits in the mix… but there could be a whole bunch of non-normal genes flying around that we just dont know about because they dont produce a phenotype/visual change.

With that said, there are some BluEL + Pied combos that effect the eyes, so its possible that Piebald is having some influence in colour.