Banana pied or super banana pied?

This has been a cross-posted question :slight_smile:
Looking more for experiences with people who’ve worked with banana pied and super banana pied, are there any tips on IDing super banana early on compared to banana when it comes to pied? Given pied already has an effect on banana as a hatchling.
I realize a lot can change even in the 2nd and 3rd sheds. So this is more for curiosity at the moment.
Comparisons if anyone has them between super banana pied and banana pied hatchlings would also be helpful as most comparisons I see are older snakes.
Pairing was Banana het pied female maker X banana pied.
First photo is one of the 3 pieds who just shed,
2nd is a het pied sibling.
3rd is them together
4th is a pre-first shed photo of the clutch but will add additional photos of the rest as they shed.


Looks like a super to me

I would say super

And now. Looks like there were 3 supers :sunglasses: