Banana pinstripe to yellow belly pairing

Hello everyone. I’m somewhat new to breeding ball pythons, this clutch is my third clutch. I Bred my banana pinstripe to a yellow belly. I’m Having a hard time identifying the genes I can see the obvious banana and banana pinstripes but are any yellow belly? I Don’t have a lot of pics of them at the moment, they just had first shed today. Here are the pics from today. Never seen any with the such bright head pattern like these I’m guessing that’s yellow belly causing that. My clutch previous to this from the same banana pinstripe to a pastel, didn’t have such light heads.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also I will add more pics of belly’s when I can.


Hi and welcome to the community! If you could possibly post individual pictures I’m sure we could help you identify your clutch! Congratulations on your babies! Also including pictures of the parents can also be a help! :slightly_smiling_face:

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