Base color for tiger and morph id for new female

Recently got 2 females, one is a tiger (looks more like a brindle I think) from pangea and the other is a proven female originally from mke rainfrog. What would the gal from pangea base color be considered? Cream or tan??? When shes fired up the markings look very orangey. They both have dalmation spots, asking what morph the second female is


@ghoulishcresties and @foxreptile are the best for this :wink:

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Do you have any fired up pics of both top & side view? Would need the pics in order to help.

She looks like a yellow based flame partial pinstripe dal imo, im not sure anything else can be said for certain without knowing what she throws… but yeah fired up pics of the laterals would help!

I haven’t seen her fired up yet but I’ll make sure to get those photos asap

The tiger is a yellow based.

And the other looks like a very low expression Harley brindle partial pin, reverse pin with Dal spots. Any of her fired up?