Base colour genetics

What genetic base colours are there in crested geckos? I know there is black base, yellow base and red base. Are there any more base colours or are they a mixture of other base colours?
Im trying to understand how their genetics work, i know how cat colour genetics work. They have two genetic base colours, red and black, are crested geckos similar?


As far as im aware that’s it, every other base is either a variation (brown vs black, green being brown fired down etc) or a combo (ie lavender being black + hypo etc)


Yeah, there is also orange, brown, lavender & green, although I thought green geckos were green both fired & unfired. I believe base colour is technically 1, but guess it’s more with certain traits, like tiger???

It’s made up of different layers (not sure if right term) LMR foundation genetics has lots about this… It’s a great read


Green fired up and down are Olive.

Orange is a mix or yellow/red.

There’s lots of base colours in theory but really many are mixed as said.

You can keep stacking some too, to make better hypo etc.


So if i understand it right:
the bases are red, yellow and black.

Orange is a mix of yellow/red

Green is a mix of yellow/brown (from morphpedia)

Is brown a variation of black or a mix?

If so, what happens if you mix red and black base?


My understanding is that black is fixed, and there’s some epistasis stuff going on, so that’s why a lot of pairings throw black based offspring, even if theit bases weren’t black. So black + red/yellow won’t give you anything special, since technically all non-blacks still carry the trait. Green/olive is just a variation of black base afaik, there’s nothing on morphpedia that i could find? But like mentioned in another comment definitely give the foundation genetics guide a read it explains all of this way better :blush: