Bavayia species?

Just wondering if anyone here works with the Bavayia New Caledonian species (I am most interested potentially in B. sauvagii, B. robusta, B. exsuccida, or B. occidentalis). I have come across pictures of these geckos a few times and I think they’re absolutely gorgeous and would love to work with them, but I’m not finding anything super solid about care and similarities/differences to the better known New Cals and was just wondering if anyone here works with them or knows someone who does that I could talk to?


I wish I could answer your question but I can’t so hopefully someone will pop up with what you want to know! :blush:


I was planning on getting a group of these before I found my fishscales. To my knowledge, their care is pretty much in line with general New Cal standards, but I’ve been told they’re more on the fast and flighty side in terms of temperament. I don’t know much else than that though!


That’s what I’ve heard as well, just don’t want to jump in before I’ve done my research! I’ve also heard they can be kept communally like mourning geckos, but I don’t want to plan for this without checking with other folks who keep them first.

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