BCI Boa Het Markers?

Hey everyone. We have owned a couple of adult BCI females for close to year now that initially we purchased just to enjoy as pets. We have been raising Ball Pythons for a little over a year (primarily my husband Craig’s project). I have recently been doing a lot of research on raising BCI’s and would like to give it a try. Both of our 2 girls were sold to us as just normals, so I’ve been looking to add another female that has a few more genes in her make up. I have come a cross a few females I like that are 50 or 66% het either anery, blood, or albino (kahl).

With being new to learning about Boa morphs, I wanted to reach out to those who are more experienced with their genetics & ask if there are any het markers I could look for as I’m searching for a breeder female? Specifically with the blood, anery (type 1), and albino (kahl) morphs?

I have read about a possible eye marking for het albinos & I happened to read in a sale ad placed by a well known Boa breeder for a 100% het blood that the particular animal showed several het blood markers. I have also seen others mention about het anerys being lighter in appearance than their non het counterparts.

Are there any reliable het markers for these 3 genes? Or is there just too much individual variation for anything to be able to be an even somewhat sure indicator of these hets? Any advice and input would be much appreciated!! Thanks!!