BCI Ghost morph combo suggestions

I’m new to the BCI morph combos. I’m curious what everyone think is the best match for a BCI Ghost, Anery type-1 he has possible Hets that are a mystery to me


What do you like? Do you like Anery? And what is your budget look like? At least for me, I would go for an IMG Anery Motley.


I don’t know anything about breeding, and I’m still learning my boa morphs, but I’m gonna second @lumpy on this and say go for an IMG anery motley if you can. That’s probably my favorite boa morph. I LOVE dark/black snakes and you just can’t beat that IMG motley iridescence on a jet-black background :heart_eyes:

I also like ghost, snow/snowglow, and moonglow boas (it’s either black snakes or white snakes with me it seems). I saw a snake listed as an ivory ghost (hypo, pastel dream and anery 1) and the purples on it are gorgeous! I hope this helps :blush:


I’m definitely going to end up with an IMG Motley eventually. I’m just not that sure what all you can get out of the ghost I have other than hypos.


Het anerys if paired to a non het


Ghost is visually Hypo and Anery. The possible hets would be important to know when making a pairing suggestion. Where you told he had possible hets?

Like lumpy said, if you breed your animal to a wild type/normal then you’d get hypos and normal boas all 100% het for anery type1. So if you paired your ghost with an IMG motley you’d get a mix of hypo and motley animals some with IMG, some not but all IMG. All would be 100% het anery (so not visually anery). If the IMG motley was het anery, then you’d get some visual anery in hypo (ghost) and motley some with IMG, some not.

Personally, I love RLT (roswell laddertail) in anery. Motley and anery tend to make dark animals, so great with IMG, but I like how RLT tends to keep them a lighter grey with a nice bold tail pattern. Jungle also cleans them up.

There are a bunch of incomplete dominant traits you could use, you just need to figure out what you like the look of. Don’t overlook the different pastel lines. Look at what those Ferrari animals, it seems to be worked into type 1. There is also a very cool CV anery line but not as popular as some others.


Good info in this. The person I got him from just told me he might have possible hets like VPI