BCI growth rate anomalies?

Well, after almost ten years of not having any reptiles (gotta love college and sports) I am really happy to announce my male Kahl Junglow has finally hit one year old!

However, I’m noticing an odd trend. The good majority of boa’s I see on here in the same age group are A LOT smaller. He’s just under 4 feet when fully stretched out and very lean.

None of my animals have ever been, nor will ever be power fed. So is this an anomaly for a BCI, or is it safe to suspect there might be some larger localities in his blood line?

PS: he may look smaller in the photos, but that’s just angles, plus I am a large human (36 inch reach, huge hands LOL)


Are you sure it is a male? Because females grow lager if on the same food schedule.

Additionally most boa people don’t feed every week it tends to be every two or three weeks at the same size of the girth.

Also he’s a lovely looking snake! He is very orange.

I don’t feed often, or on a regular schedule (it’s served me well in getting healthy animals)… WIth that info stated, I have 3 sibling holdbacks from my 2019 litter from my Junglebesque. The 2 females are probably about a quarter smaller than their brother and they have all been fed at the same time.

What size is the enclosure he’s in, in the photos?

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He eats every 14 days once he started weaned rats. Yes, 100% male.

And thank you! He’s been getting a lot more oranges and pinks coming through each shed

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He’s in a 4x2x16.

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