BCI Pairing Ideas?

Hey y’all! So I’m planning on giving a solid crack at breeding my boa when he’s of age.

But I have zero clue what I could potentially breed him to…he’s a Super Sunglow Jungle x Kahl Albino.

He has incredible contrast of colors (in my opinion anyway) and I want to see if I can make offspring as good looking as him. But also I’m very curious what a Hypo Motley pairing would create.

What would y’all think would go well?


It definitely depends on how much you are willing to spend. Personally I would breed him to an Anery Aztec het Kahl albino. That way you will be creating 100% het Anerys that some would be hypo some albinos possible jungle or Aztec.

Here’s with the calculator out puts
Click here for Calculator


Like @lumpy mentioned budget plays a big role but khal to khal will produce babies who’s eyes will pop out of the sockets so I would recommend pairing him to a female het khal combo of some sort to minimize the chance of babies having this happen to the babies if you are wanting to produce visual Khal albinos.


Budget isn’t really the biggest concern for me (I personally refuse to spend over $2,000 right now) but I am exploring some of the options

@lumpy I do like that idea of a pairing! Just really hard to find images to get an idea.

@nathan_e I’ve heard some horror stories about that! Are there any other combos I should try and stay away from, or is making sure that the animal is het Kahl going to minimize any risk?


I asked this very question and boa breeders on here told me that het to het or visual to het greatly reduces this happening. A lot of the times the babies from these pairings have no issues at all.

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