BCI tub size for adult?

I was wondering what size bin or tub an adult boa could be in. I didn’t want something too small so I was just asking.

So, is your boa a male or a female? Males tend to stay “smaller” and “less” girthy but that doesn’t mean they don’t get large. I would house them in a minimum of the equivalent of a 4x2x1.

Anything larger than a Central American I would suggest a 4’ enclosure like Riley mentioned. Check out Focused Cube Habitats, they’re doing some really neat stuff and the prices aren’t bad for a PVC setup.

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The only tubs that are readily available that are suitable for the average adult Boa would be the Iris VE175 Christmas tree tubs. They’re roughly 52" x 19" x 11"

You can use cb70 or similar tubs for small males but I prefer using that size for grow outs.


Would like to add this is an excellent time of the year to get these tubs. A lot of places have there remaining stock on sale!

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The rule of thumb I have always used is this: if the snake stretched out in the enclosure along 2 sides, is it cofortaby stretched out or does it take more then 2 side of the enclosure for the animal to stretch out completely. If it takes more than 2 side to stretch out then the enclosure may be too small. But there are always exceptions to this.