Bearded dragon breeding

I had this female bearded dragon for almost 3years heights about 380 grams and her length is about 19in I just want to know if it’s ok to breed her because I don’t want her to get hurt or die. I have another male dragon and when I take them out they bop there head and the male try’s to bite her

Hey, she’s beautiful :))
She’s definitely old enough and weighs enough, if anything she’s a little overweight, someone likes their bugs :rofl:…ideally she should be 350-355 grams, but she will lose most of that once she’s finished laying all her clutches!!!

Is she a normal scaled dragon?

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Thank you and yea it is a normal scale dragon

She’s lovely :slight_smile:

Have you bred dragons before?

No it going to be my first time.

Ahhh ok!! Are you prepared :rofl:

Yea I already have a incubator and the stuff I need