Bearded Dragon / Catcus Pad

I ordered some organic cactus pads to add to my 4 Dragon salads. I will chop them up my question is cactus pads ok to add to there salad and what benefit will this add to my Dragons health.

I guess it depends on the type of cactus! The ones commonly sold as food are fine for reptiles. My tortoises eat them some, but they are a bit tough, unless you get the pads that are lighter green and soft.

The tricky part with cactus is actually how slimey it is. You may need to help them get it in their mouth lol but so long as you remove the spines they can eat it. It’s actually got an ideal calcium to phosphorus ratio :+1:

Should I peel them first. They are not dark green but they also are not light green either. When you handle them they are nice and firm. I thought I would cut them in pieces about the size of dime .All my dragons are full adults .Should I go a little smaller

A little crunch is good for their teeth so I don’t peel them. I just cut them in half like a filet of fish almost and then cut them into thinner inch long pieces like dragon fries🍟 and add to their normal salads or hand/ tong feed if needed

These guys are so tame you surly don’t need tong LOL. how many dragons do you have these are by far my favorite reptile . They all have such different way about them but they also seem like they love your company. People that don’t have a clue about dragon think I am just a nutty old guy

mine LOVE prickly pear