Bearded Dragon Habitat?

Alright, this is Gobi! I got her July 28th from a petsmart (before I was aware of the cruelty). I’m not quite certain how old she was when I got her, but I’m estimating she’s 2-4 months.

I recently redid her enclosure with linoleum. I built in a big tub hide with a blanket inside and a removable top, and filled in the sides with a dirt/sand mix so no bugs escape.

So far I’m really liking it, but I wanted everyone’s opinions :slight_smile: Tell me what you think!!

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It looks lovely! The only problems I’ve had with natural wood and any amount of humidity is frequent cleaning to discourage mold and wood mites, ugh.

Hello @sarafina1238 You’re set up looks awesome! A couple recommendations I have based off your pictures… As @nocturne_reptiles stated, natural would coupled with the moss you have in there can lead to trouble. I would recommend doing away with the moss and go with some fake plant decor that’s easy to clean and won’t raise the humidity. Beardies like the dry heat! Loose substrate can also cause impacting if too much is accidentally eaten when feeding. I would ditch the towel in the hide area as well, as that will only fester bacteria to grow on it… Also, if you can, I would get the UVB bulb as close to the basking bulb as possible for maximum absorption! Ideally you want the UVB to be within approximately 1 foot for best results when utilizing something like a Zoomed T8 10.0 bulb. As your beardie gets older, it will spend almost ALL of its time under the basking spot, so the UVB will be most beneficial there coupled with the heat for calcium breakdown. Hope this helps! :grin::hugs:

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