Bearded Dragon Help

I just picked up this bearded dragon today. I’ve kept them in the past and am well aware of proper husbandry and how to take care of them. I got him home and setup and fed him some green lettuce then came back a couple hours later and noticed his “poop” looks a little strange I’ve never seen anything like that before. Again I’ve only had him a few hours I don’t think previous owners were giving him much attention. And input would be appreciated. Is it nothing or something I should be worried about? Also if anyone knows what type of morph he is I just know ball python morphs lol.

I would definitely recommend taking him to a vet (a reptile one). Poop should never look like that. People like @westridge would probably have more insight to provide.


Good heavens! Hopefully the beardie was being fed tomatoes or something! Either way, a visit to a herp vet is in order.

Take the feces, double bag it, and put it in your fridge (not the freezer). The sample will keep, refrigerated, a day or maybe two. Make sure a reptile vet sends off the fecal sample for testing within that time frame so as to get the most accurate results possible.

If it’s too late to salvage the poo itself, save the pics you took of it and make certain you show the reptile vet (ideally arrange to email them to the office before your appointment).

If you do not have a reptile vet already, you can find one on the ARAV website, from the listing of reptile vets on Melissa Kaplan’s site, or go to the ABVP website & do a search for a diplomate of ‘Reptile/Amphibian.’ (Apologies for not including links, it’s time-consuming to do on my phone.)