Bearded Dragon ID help

Got this beardie about 6 months ago and I’m fairly new to morphs and whatnot so I was just curious if anyone could help me better identify what she could be. My best guess from some research would be dunner but I’m not totally sure and mainly just curious.


Definitely not a dunner. She is a normal bearded dragon with some nice red color and a hint of lavender bars.

Well thanks for clearing that up for me but what exactly is the difference between a normal and dunner because comparing her pictures of her when I first got her to ones I see online they look almost the same lol. Again I’m a newby so any information helps.

A normal bearded dragon has bars that run from the spine to the side. A dunner has vertical stripes running from the shoulder to the hip. Dunners usually have a disruption of the tail pattern as well.

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Ahh I see. Well thank you very much for clearing that up for me.