Bearded dragon identification help

!need some help morph identify omg these beardies I rescuedIMG_20210417_062638450|375x500

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They all look like normals, the difference in color would come from their ages.

The two that are together are Leatherbacks. They also appear underweight and I think the lower one has something wrong with it’s left arm. The other two are normal.


You are very correct sir, 2 of the 3 females are still underweight although they eat gobs off green veggies and feeders… they all 4 were rescued from an old friend of mines house that got sent to prison and they were left alone for almost 3 months. Thelma is what I call th female that has the “hard” abscess in her joint close to her left front ankle. Have tried antibiotics and was told if it doesn’t show signs of bothering her, then I shouldn’t waste money to have it lanced and potentially cause her further issues