Bearded dragon impaction!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

also, super confused about the bugs I thought you were supposed to feed daily here is a quote.
“He eats bugs and salad daily. For salad I do an organic spring mix. Bugs are crickets, dubias, superworms, hornworms, and sometimes mealworms”

wait to make sure you don’t mean that you should feeders twice a day cause now I am finding sources to feed bugs twice a day??? also if you’re wondering I feed 12 feeders a day

Sorry…yes feed daily. I meant feed roaches 2 weekly if feeding crickets daily. You can get silent crickets and it really only the adults that make the chirping noise, but if you can’t do that then stick to roaches. It’s probably the spinach that’s causing the poop delay :slight_smile:

7 month old only need live food once a day, as much as he’ll eat in 15 minutes, are you tong feeding him?

right now, doing a mix of tong feeding hand feeding and bowl feeding.

of another thing I should have mentioned he is beginning to get more stressed, and he bite me unfortunately, but it may have been food motivated.

good news @lillycrow @ashleyraeanne he pooped, I gave him a soak and ceased the feeding of spinach thanks!

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Fantastic, so glad to hear! Yay!! :smiley:

Whooo hooooo! Glad he pooped…

Why did he bite you? Beardies rarely bite :confused:

I think food related I was hand feeding him afterwards he licked my hand then bite my thumb.

I don’t recommend hand feeding. It makes them associate your hand with food, and also makes you smell like food. Only tong feed him.

Yeah that was my bad saw a video and thought it was a good idea they actually recommended it he didn’t bite to bad it barely even bleeded.