Bearded dragon impaction!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

ok so my beardie hasn’t pooped in 2 days and seems to be basking much more than usual, is he impacted? and jumped to a bug that was too big a bit prior.
(I did not do that I was debating if it was too big, and he jumped at it)
and if he is there any chance of resolving it without a vet/an unexpensive treatment? thanks!

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I don’t keep beardies but it sounds like he’s too cold and not digesting because of that. Encouraging water consumption and a soak may help.

try giving the beardie a 20-30 minute soak in warm water. also I really like electrolyte baths for my girl too. she usually sips a bit of the water and then poops in the water, so I’ll change the water and clean her off, and then continue bath time. good luck! I keep sand in my adult beardie’s enclosure, but if she is younger than an adult, make sure she cannot be eating any sand or pebbles. never hurts to schedule a vet appt asap, and then just cancel if things go well, but emergency vet visits are always nerve wracking.

It’s a mat so not impaction from dirt.

How old is your beardie?

7 months and 9 days old

Excellent knowledge!! What temps have you got?

max temp is 119 (which is basking) air temp is around 80-93 f

also note this is the third day.

What size enclosure do you have?

4x2x2 also I did my best, I spent six months researching.

Hey, 4x2x2 is the perfect size for an adult beardie so you’re doing good! 7 month old beardie shouldn’t get impaction from substrate, unless it’s pebbles :rofl:!! I would give him/she a soak in a warm bath, lift the tail and use a soft toothbrush to clean/rub the tail and under the stomach…how big was the bug? Was it Godzilla?

not exactly a Godzilla but enough where I would not normally feed it, I am usually reactively picky, but I accidently let one slide here or there and another think I should mention he had a lot of diarrhea before it happened and since I got him, he had diarrhea. (This is the 8th day of having him)

Ok…start from the beginning!!
7 months old, 4x2x2 viv, basking at 119 (a little too hot, aim for 110) what veg are you giving him? What live food are you using? How long is he nose to vent? How much does he weigh? It could be stress relocation, did he continue to eat after you got him? What was the previous owner feeding him? Lots of questions I know but process of elimination…

ok at this moment giving spring greens with spinach and bell pepper every other day trying to make his diet more varied, also about the basking I did my best to lower it, but it got too cold, so I made an area at about 107ish he actually likes to bask in both of the areas, he is from my knowledge about 12 or 13 inches I haven’t measured him yet, also curious is that small for a beardie that age? I was told he was massive, but I don’t buy that, I am giving him bsfl and Dubia roaches and the occasional wax worm, I do not know the original owner fed him. (Also, he is a male)

Spinach is not good to feed to a beardie, or any reptiles really. It can bind calcium and make it hard for him to absorb nutrients. You should only feed it as a treat basically. Never routinely.

oh… did not know that so sorry note to self-take that out of diet I thought what was for kale.

I agree, a definite no no on the spinach! Cut that out straight away…kale, spring greens, rocket is a better option. He should be between 13-18 inches long at that age but he may be on the smaller side. I would, personally, feed crickets and dubia twice a week. Crickets have all the nutrients growing beardies needs and dubia as a treat. I never give mine wax worms I prefer morio worms, again as a treat as they are high in fat and are the McDonald’s of beardie food!! Try the bath and toothbrush for the next few day …avoid spinach and in a few days, once the spinach has past, he’ll be ok! Keep in touch and let me know :slight_smile:

holy crud! I was feeding him bugs daily the breeder said that, was a lied to?!?!

also, sorry I can’t do crickets I wish I could it’s just my household has 6 ppl, and my mom is HORRFIED I have roachs so crickets might be too much +super noisy