Bearded dragon natural style enclosure


Could anyone provide feedback on specific paints and sealers that can be used on a natural style enclosure? I want to try my hand at using exlanded foam to make floorings, sides and background for my bearded dragons enclosure. Im looking at putting a couple bides and emcasing them in the foam permanently unless you have a better suggestion. Looking at shoving drift wood into the foam to make it permanent. Permanent water bowls and food bowls as well.

Im just not sure where to turn as far as paints, sealera, maybe sand texture over top of the paint?

I appreciate any feedback. Thank you


I can’t answer your question but I know someone here will be able to.

But I do have a question for you. If you make the food and water bowls permanently attached don’t you think that will make it harder to clean them thoroughly if you can’t remove them? You probably have that all figured out but I was just wondering……

Good luck with your project and be sure to post pictures when you finish the enclosure! :pray::blush:

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I would just use reptile safe cleaner to clean them out. That’s my plan anyways. But I may change it out so that they aren’t permanent

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Can’t help with the majority of your question.
But I did secure the water bowls in me ball python enclosure before. But to make it easier to clean, I put a second one inside it (of the same type) so I can remove it for cleaning. I am guessing you are wanting to do this for the same reason I did, and that is to stop them from knocking them over. The double bowl can work. And cleaning was very easy.