Bearded dragon Raleigh Expo

Just got my first Bearded Dragon, I have a few monitors and Geckos and boas and Ball pythons and have loved reptiles since I was 5, but never owned a bearded, he’s a Hypo,Trans,Gentic Stripe,Leather Back. He’s really cool. Wanted to ask about the trans gene? What is this gene exactly? And what is y’all’s thoughts on hypo/Trans/GS? Will he grow to be a very vibrant red orange color or how do these guys color up as adults? Just wanting to know a little about this type of morph dragon and what people think about it. Thank you all

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Translucent is a variable trait. We will need some pictures to make a decent guess on what he will look like in a few years :blush:

But @welshmorphology or @westridge could likely give you some info.

Here’s one of my ladies


Red trans hatching
Trans characteristic seems to have a “Gummy” appearance to it?? does that make sense?



And these pictures ain’t the best of him because he’s much brighter in color than the picture show’s especially when he’s warmed up his colors are very bright these two pictures was when he has been out of cage for about 45 minutes and I noticed he got darker the longer he was out of cage

I’ll get better pictures of him in cage while he’s warmed up and under UVB

The translucent gene removes white pigment from the animal resulting in a “gummy” appearance and increasing the intensity of high color animals. When combining translucent with other mutations you can get some interesting results. When combined with hypo, it tends to reduce consistency of the mutation resulting in “normal” scales that contain white pigment resulting in a sort of mottled look. When combined with the zero mutation, you get a purple gray animal. Add hypo to the trans zero and you get a neat lavender looking animal.
Here is a hypo trans

Here is a hypo trans zero

For reference here is a zero with no additional morphs

Hope this helps you understand the mutation a little bit.