Bearded Dragons in Bulgaria

Hi, Im Nikola from England living in Bulgaria and Im intrested in buying bearded dragon, not adult one but im intresting in baby newborn because I want him to grow beside me and bestfriend him, some adolts for sale are grown all life in cages what I doesnt really support that cause them after distance to human and bearded dragons are inteligent one for company, not for home decoration, I have seen youtubers reciving them in express currier opening box and just doing it for youtube views… Im looking how contact seller that would sell me as the most little baby is possible :slightly_smiling_face:

Living in Europe will make this tricky you can go on MM Europe however there are only a handful of Bearded Dragons

You can also look into US Breeders however the cost will likely not be worth it as shipping alone will likely be around $1000 and most breeders require a minimum order amount for export.


you don’t want them too young, especially if they get shipped. remember, the smallest are the weakest