Beardie genetics help?

Hi there! I’m quite new here and I am super curious as to the possible coloration/genetics of my beloved bearded dragon, Bart. Mr. Bartles was a rescue that my sister and I saved about 6.5 years ago. He was 2 years old and weighed about 31 grams… hip bones and spine extremely prominent and too weak to properly lift his head. He had been kept by a kid who had never been instructed on the proper setup or feeding and care of bearded dragons. The heat lamp “hot spot” in his cage read in the 80’s! Nevertheless he pulled through with some serious TLC and now he’s fat and sassy and gets the run of the house whenever he let’s us know that he wants out :slight_smile:

His coloration was a dull brown when we got him, but as his health improved so did his coloration. Several people have told me very different things as far as what his colors/genetics are called so I’m coming here for help! Any ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated!


He is a Hypo Leatherback.
Hope this helps!

If he has clear nails he is a hypo. If there are any non clear nails he’s not a hypo. If you can get some better pics it would help.

My red hypo dragon is very similar in color.