Beardie taming!

hey guys! I got a 7-month-old beardie that is skittish I have been working with him every day and is improving I am just wondering if anyone has any tips on how to get him comfortable
(Oh, also I just thought it is something that should be on here as there is no thread for this in my knowledge) thanks!

You might have a lot of fun together with something called Target Training! Youtuber Lorri Torrini has videos about Target Training. A species like a beardie where you can give them a worm or bit of greens each time they target is a great candidate- It’s harder to target train an animal you can’t give lots of little rewards to, in my experience.

It’d give you a cool thing to show off, probably something you could write up as a science project for school, to be honest, and also teach your new friend that your presence means exciting things, and treats!

They will get to look forward to you being there. You can start using it to pet them a little, then reward them for it. Eventually they may seek you out for pets and rewards, and get excited to see you coming to the enclosure.

Edit: You might also like to see if Reptiliatus on youtube has ever described his process for taming his animals. He keeps some pretty feisty lizards and uses food in tongs to teach them that he is a bringer of good things.

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Thanks a lot I am a new beardie owner so this is incredibly helpful

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Ok good new your advice worked! He is ON MY SHOULDER as I am posting this thanks guys!