Beardie won't eat

some of you might know about my female beardie, “Maddy”. what you don’t know, is that she refuses every sort of food except crickets and dubias. I have to force-feed her veggies and a mash of what is necessary for her to be healthy, often she spits it back out. I can’t afford to feed her mostly insects unless I start breeding them… what would you recommend?

new info. i has eaten watermelon, maddy sitting with me… she hops onto the table and starts shown down on MY watermelon. not knowing if it was safe or not, i let her have the bite she already got and i put her back near her veggies. except, she kept coming back for more watermelon! is watermelon safe???

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Here is a good list for their food.

I have a bearded dragon that has only wanted to eat wax worms for years. I took to vet and they said all was good. He hates anything (including greens which should be his staple diet at his age) that isn’t wax worms. I’ve tried all tricks found online and off but no luck. I worry about him because he’s a big boy and afraid he will die young due to his diet…It kills me.

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she refuses anything that won’t wiggle or crawl… other than a bit of watermelon

Watermelon has little nutritional value, not bad per say in small doses. If they don’t want greens you can’t force them to eat it. Just go through all the various greens, veggies, fruits, and see what the dragon likes. Never try to force feed a dragon. I have adult dragons who are 100% healthy and won’t touch any greens. I give them various commercial dragon diets and they eat those no issue. Just like people dragons don’t all eat the exact same things.

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Honestly, I’d breed the insects. Feed the insects the greens and then feed them to the dragon. I’d recommend breeding dubias because they’re less smelly than crickets, I’ve heard people can develop allergies to the dubias tho but I think that only applies to large scale insect farming I don’t think one plastic tub would make you allergic

A guy who works for me developed an allergy to roaches he had 2 small bins of them. It can happen with any amount of them just takes longer is all. Took about 3 years for him to be unable to touch them without issues.

how do i breed roaches?

With dubias you can get a plastic tub, some adults, egg crate and food & insect water gel. You can set the tub near a reptile’s heat lamp to create a hot and cold side. Just don’t set it too close. You can also get a heat mat for a hot side but I just prefer using the “spare” heat my leo’s lamp gives off.
Edit: Also because of whatever dubias do to cause allergies I would only breed them in a well ventilated room, my room has a lot of circulation atleast.

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