Beautiful head stamp (Fat Tailed Gecko)

Lovely looking Whiteout Female showing her unique head stamp.


Is it a whiteout thing then?
This is my girl. She’s a whiteout Zulu ‘white socks’ het Oreo. She’s got the head stamp also! :blush:


Super unique! This gal is a stunner for sure! Super super nice!:fuelpump:


I love the look of that gecko.


Hi, beautiful gecko but I am seeing just whiteout white sock here. Did you mean to say 100% het Zulu?

A great way to tell if a gecko has Zulu in it is to check for clear belly scales (usually in the center of the belly).

Great photos as well! :smile:

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She was sold to me as a whiteout Zulu het Oreo. I then saw she was also white socks when she got here.
And yes she has the clear belly scales so defo Zulu :blush:

She’s a sweetie when she wants to be! Maybe on the chunky side too haha :sweat_smile:

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