Beautiful Last Clutch of my 2021/22 Season

What do you guys think? I’m in love with this clutch. It’s definitely Some of the best odds of my season.

1.0 Cryptic DG Pastel Het GS x
0.1 Lesser Pastel Cinnamon 66% DH Clown GS


Woah that’s a super cool clutch! Obviously your poss hets- clown and g-stripe proved out! That would make those 2 cryptons correct? Excellent stuff, very jealous over here!


Thank you so much! There was two genetic stripes and three cryptons, the yellowish looking normal is a Crypton. So yeah she proved both, I’m so happy :heart_eyes: Also one was one male Crypton GS Het DG!!

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That is so lucky! I am working on g-stripe enhancers over here! You are way ahead of me with that killer clutch​:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:! I wondered what that stripe in the middle was! I have never seen a g-stripe crypton! Well done! Enjoy those guys!:+1: