Beauty rat snake questions

Hi, I am planning to get a pair of beauty rat snakes next year. Which subspecies of beauty rat snakes gets the biggest? How easy are they to breed? Is there a high enough demand that the babies would sell? Thank you in advance.

Vietnamease Blue Beautys are typically going to be the longest and Tawain’s typically are the girthiest. I cant put in any input on the rest as I’ve just started working with them this year. Blue Beauties do seem to move really fast though based on how fast ads get taken down for them.

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Thank you, and welcome to the community! By the way, how are their attitudes?

Thanks for the warm welcome! I work with my Blue Beauties a lot so they are near puppy dog tame. My Yunnans and Ridleyi I dont handle nearly as much so they are a bit feisty getting them out of the cage but calm down quickly.