Bedding question

So I’m fairly new to the boa game, was in ball pythons a very long time ago. I’m currently using pure cypress mulch. I feed in separate containers all the time. I watch YouTube videos and see a lot of the larger named guys running shaved aspen. Seeing it on Instagram also. They feed on it also. The more I add to my collection the harder it gets. Anyone running aspen? Pros? Cons? Thanks in advamce

I used to run a fairly large boa collection, top notch boas, and went through a number of different bedding options. I personally far prefer paper. Feeding frozen thawed with rodents that are often wet I never had any worry about substrate impaction and it was easiest and cheapest to keep their enclosures clean. I’m not a fan of the smell of aspen nor the low resistance to mold. A friend of mine had a large collection and used only aspen, I could smell it as soon as I walked in his house. If I were to use loose substrate again I would go for a coconut substrate like reptichip (high resistance to mold and can help raise humidity if needed). Here’s an old 11yr old video of my setup before I did a large expansion