Been working on a grow out tank

I have wanted to build a stock tank into a grow out for feeders but wasn’t sure how to attach the watering system. Finally figured it out though. Still need to build a feed hopper and tweak the top some. But otherwise im happy.


That’s a slick design I like it!

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Looks good!

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Very cool, can you please share more about your system, ideas and your process. Other Rack system, rat colonies, reason for using the stock tank, etc?

I have a 6 level rack that uses ars 70 tubs, and I wanted a way to grow out a fair number without crowding them. Each of the ars tubs have anywhere from 1.3 up to 1.5 along with the offspring that aren’t ready to feed/freeze/relocate.

I’m also working on building a 6 level Vivarium Electronics super 70 tub rack for the rats to double production.

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I did attach a feed hopper to the grow out. It’s not nearly large enough to supply their needs but it’ll work until i build a custom food trough.