Beginner here—is it a better idea to get an adult or a juvenile?

Absolute beginner here. I will be purchasing a northern bts hopefully this summer, and have been researching every aspect of care… but I haven’t heard/read anything about what AGE of skink is better to get for a novice. Would an adult that’s already tame and eating well be better? Or would it be harder to readjust that animal to a new home/person, as opposed to a hatchling that hasn’t become as accustomed to a certain routine and environment?

My mind can’t help but go to mammals, where the adults are usually MUCH easier to handle than babies that could benefit from a more knowledgeable handler. Is it a lot different with reptiles? Most of all, I want to do what’s best for the skink, and not buy an animal that needs a more experienced owner.


Generally I advocate for younger animals. As you note, it is usually easier for a younger animal to acclimate to your conditions than an older animal established somewhere else. Younger animals also do not tend to be set in their ways so you can, for example, tailor the diet of the animal to what you have available near you versus getting an animal that is on a specific diet and will not eat anything else and you have difficulty acquiring that food


@t_h_wyman gave the perfect answer.


Thank you! I’ll look for a hatchling, then. :slight_smile:

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