Beginner question

So we recently got a banana Mojave male with het genetic stripe , I was wondering if anyone had any good suggestions of females to pair with him


I would say the best thing to pair him with is nothing. The ball python market is very, very, very over saturated. You are also just getting started as well so just learn for a while before even considering breeding. And even more importantly, banana and Mojave are both very common and cheap genes that without getting a very expensive female will make selling the babies extremely hard to sell and you may have the same animals for months or more.


Hi and welcome to the community :smiley:
I agree with @logar.
However, If you get a second snake, a female hatchling, it wont be ready to breed for a good few years. Things may be different then and you can decide if you want to breed then.
But even then get somethin you like and will be happy to keep if breeding and the market doesn’t work out.
One thing to bare in mind is that banana males usually only produce banana males, (unless its a female maker from a female banana). so males are even less popular than female bananas usually.
If you really want to go there, search morphmarket for combos that you like.
That way if in a few years if you cant sell all the hatchlings you will be happy to grow them on and hold back some.


Since you need a female, you have plenty of time before you’re going to be able to breed. Use the calculator on here to see as many different combinations of animals with Banana, G-Stripe, and Mojave as you can find and then decide what you like best. Pick up that female and grow her up. Don’t get caught up in fever of getting a bunch of animals. Just pick that one. Don’t think about the marketability of the hatchlings. Market or no market is irrelevant. Just produce that one clutch of whatever you decide you like best. When you do, be prepared to keep what you like, and also that it may take you a while to move the rest. Best of luck to you.